Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Snorkelling

Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Snorkelling

Due to our close proximity, Scuba Steve’s is the only destination to experience snorkelling with direct beach access from our shop. Snorkelling is great for swimmers of all abilities.  

Haven’t snorkelled before? No problems, grab a noddle or a life vest and snorkel closely to the shore. You don’t need to go very far to see fish.  

Cabbage Tree Bay has over 160 different species of fish, varies species in the reserve including the popular blue groper fish, cuttlefish, wobbegong sharks, dusky whaler sharks and black rockcod. When it comes to snorkelling, it doesn’t get much better than our Cabbage Tree Bay Snorkelling area, a whopping 20 Hectares of aquatic reserve.  

Guided snorkel experiences are also available for those who are not confident snorkelling on their own; or, want one of our instructors show you the good spots and different marine species.  

Our friendly team are also happy to teach you how to use your snorkel equipment and assist you in fitting your mask and fins.  

All snorkel equipment is available, including, snorkel, fins, mask, life vest and wet suits.  

Come and rent our snorkel equipment or contact us below to enquiry about our snorkel experience packages.  

For more information or reservations, enquire here.
+61 433 903 120
(02) 9452 6677

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